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Thank you for your inquiry about William T. Dawson original prints. Currently available on mugs and high quality prints. 

William T. Dawson

728 South Broadway, Cortez, CO 81321

Tel: (505) 363-3393 for order request. All orders are verified by image number, mug 15 oz or 11 oz, specific (wrap, center, left or right- with possible YOU NAME HERE)

Print request are shipped direct

Send a Message-

general questions, reference LOVE print number

All orders through email, payment with

All orders- send LOVE reference number(on MAIN PAGE), mug 11 oz. or 15 oz. Image Options: full wrap, center, left or right with ‘possible’ YOUR BIZ NAME HERE or your logo on the other side. All prints orders HQ print- 8 x 10 $120 US delivery included. 6-8 weeks delivery, custom orders could be longer.