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If you are a Patriot or simply someone who loves the Republic of the United States, it is time to step up! Whether you contribute by purchasing one of William T. Dawson’s beautiful LOVE prints, subscribing to monthly newsletters “Echos from the Alley”, or making a one-time donation, you are supporting a movement to take back our Country from those whom which to destroy it.

William T. Dawson

Tel: (505) 363-3393

Email for order request. All orders are verified by image number, mug 15 oz or 11 oz, specific (wrap, center, left or right- with possible YOUR NAME HERE)

Print request are shipped direct.

All orders through email, payment with

To place and order send LOVE print reference number (on MAIN PAGE) and desired mug size, 11 oz. or 15 oz. Image Options: full wrap, center, left or right with ‘possible’ YOUR NAME or YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE or YOUR LOGO on the other side. All prints orders HQ print- 8 x 10 $120 US delivery included. 6-8 weeks delivery, custom orders could be longer.