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“Mankind Has Never Legislated Kindness, Yet It Has A History Of Enacting Lawlessness”
– William T. Dawson

William Thomas Dawson (Creator) – Born, Cook County Hospital Chicago Illinois October 24, 1940. Attended Barrington High School (Barrington, Illinois) and Kemper Military School (Boonville, Missouri) graduating in 1959 and attained a BSEE from the University of Illinois in 1964. His Father retired an officer of The Federal Reserve Board Chicago. Tenured with Westinghouse Electric 1964-72 in their financial division and exhibited an ability to manage large sums of money. Before resigning in 1972, rose to Financial Manager, Turnkey Nuclear Power Plants Construction. Since that time, life has taken a spiritual path opening up the discovery of a deeper understanding of himself as a poet/writer, for he is likened to a Poet out of The Old Testament with The Spirit of 1776, and a creative person with a desire to weave and blend social work and economic development. Internationally known primitive abstract artist painting under his middle name “THOMAS”. He currently paints as William T. He has always had a desire to utilize tax payer funded entities/facilities to do fund raising for social work/art projects that ought, in his opinion, be funded by private sources….the creation of a film production cost fund that funds films that blends true economic development into their scripts like creating a holistic military field hospital system for rural America and The Rio Grande Film Corridor which utilizes The Astrodome which is now dormant. And even an internet Trade Bank.

Mooniac DefinedWilliam T. Dawson

Mooniac….I first heard the term when I became an investor in Mooney Aircraft Company located outside of Kerrville Texas USA. Since then I see the term has gotten around;
From Chez Spud:
“I love all the funny mispronunciations the boys have had in their vocabulary along the way and so wish I’d kept a list. My current favourite is ‘mooniac’ which is what Bertie calls someone who is acting a bit crazy. I’m assuming he means ‘maniac’ but mooniac is way cooler. “You mooniac!” he says. Hugely, preferable to his other insult du jour, ‘poo poo head’, which is always followed by comedy guffaws and gales of laughter. Yes, very funny my boy…you mooniac. Xx”

Mooniacs….One might wonder what a Mooniac is, well the best way to describe them is with a story. There was this Hippie living in Moffat Colorado whose mother who was living in Mexico and died. Her final wish was to be buried in Colorado. So he built a wooden coffin and took off for Mexico to bring her back. Once he got to Mexico he had this brilliant idea to buy a kilo of pot, put it in the bottom of the coffin and lay his mother upon it for the journey back to Colorado. When he got back to Colorado, he religiously buried his mother as promised. A week later it dawned on him that the kilo was still with mom so off he went in the dark of night to dig mom up and with each scoop of earth blessed the light of The Moon. Now I ask, who has not had a Mooniac Moment? Perhaps you have not lived long enough for one day those Mooniac Moments will catch up to you, ask any Corporate CEO.

Purpose of this Website

The best solution to fixing the TECH industry birthed with inherent corruption at the time of its monetization is for the government to get out of the way and allow the private sector, The People, to step in and correct it for it is defining the system structure The People have to live with. The Dear Thom letter is advocating a Old Fashion Family Picnic to discuss, in that America was founded on the principle of Free Speech and fought a Revolution giving The People not only the ability the right to buy their nation back if necessary. The letter is also telling us that January 6th 2021 indicated that we are quickly approaching Critical Mass with respect to Internal Corruption one of the prompting factors that inspired The China Revolution. Unless defused, this energy that has led to this situation, we run the risk of an unwelcomed expression.

Open forum discussion:

Dear Thom:                                                                                           6/14/2021 Flag Day

“ If a society is based on law, that society will remain continuously in FEAR. If a society is based on LOVE, the fear will disappear and the law is not needed.”

End of life scenario has taken front and center stage thus I have decided to Live The American Dream, create an IPO (Initial Public Offering….Echoes From The Alley serving The Voiceless….Bed-Taxed Tourists and The-Healing-Museum.com), The creative process begins with a story/documentary (Buy America Back) based on The LOVE Campaign and a Class Action Lawsuit (social justice) against the tech/communication industry, in particular Amazon, and An Old Fashion Family Picnic and Art Show where The Family discusses (1) the country’s founding which recognized the spiritual path of the individual who was void of currency domination plus the panel discussion….The Tribes of America vs. The Tribes of Israel and (2) the buying of The West Coast as an option to resolving The Class Action Lawsuit.

Club Mooniac, a division of The-Healing-Museum.com, will be selling memberships (The Family and Story) and to structure the initial board and management team Lifetime Subscriptions to Echoes From The Alley (The Family Business) with an attached buy back agreement.

A LAW AND ORDER SOCIETY ONLY KNOWS HOW TO CRUXIFY JESUS CHRIST, and like Sacred Geometry and the pre-determined electromagnetic field we were birthed into, a Natural Law of Earth that will eventually lead to a “civilized” society’s suicide unless WISDOM, something acquired, is allowed to rise. 

Declaration of Independence of 1776 A Document, universal and spiritually derived, that resonates with every heart of mankind around the world….Terrorist Robber Rapist and Saint.

The Old Fashion Family Picnic:  Without The Goddess having been bludgeoned and imprisoned and The Torah declared written civilized law there would be no Declaration of Independence of 1776 which can be defined as follows….To rid ourselves of A Currency Dominated Society, its Social Ills, its Elitism and Royalty, and its Jealously Induced Class Distinctions. In essence America was to be created as an Artisan Agricultural society that recognized the spiritually endowed Rights of An Individual, in essence America subconsciously carried the seeds of unification of the three major religions of Abraham into the original Goddess. The actual Revolutionary War which took a toll on Family as did The Civil War, was fought to determine who The Bankers would be and the bank, a trade bank. The trade bank lost, and The Constitution written at the time of maritime law (our first constitutional attempt rejected) they gave us was so bad we needed a Bill of Rights, The Tools of A Social Worker. Yet, today no one has any idea what Social Work is for The Bill of Rights has become Token Rights. We can say what ever we want to say as long as we do not mean it, and where is separation of Church and State when The Farmer who gets government farm subsidies builds a Church of his choice and gets Tax write offs. There were no political parties at the time of The Revolution, and today one could sum up the political parties with respect to Social Work as follows:

The Republican Party has no idea what Social Work is nor does it have the backbone to break the cycle of abuse that exists believing that Currency, the Mother Lode of Artificial Intelligence, can solve everything.

The Democratic Party is making too much money off of The Abuse to ever break the Cycle of Abuse.

The Libertarian Party has no idea what a Libertarian Expression is.

2000 years ago, The Poet The Artist was a person who had been touched by The Gods for they were gifted with healing energies. With the Renaissance, the doors were opened to all craftsmen and displaced those who had been touched. With the computer, those touched were even further removed from the scene. Help us define the Republic that we choose to live by.

So what is a republic? How does it function? How is it structured?

A Republic is a form of government that recognizes the minorities, the poor ( the majority of the poor do not vote) and ones without a voice for the most part, more so than any other form of government does. In the case of America, it was the large land owners who were held to have a spiritual responsibility toward their fellow man, and in the wisdom of our forefathers it was the land owners who were taxed. They could have imposed a consumption tax which would have put the government in the business of consumption, whereas a property tax limited the size of government and provided a stable cash flow regardless of economic conditions.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to create a separation and balance of power within the government and between the large land owners and the populace. The land owners were taxed and the House of Representatives was given the responsibility to spend those tax dollars responsibly, defense being the only stated item to be funded…Defense of Property and Expressed Civil Rights. To counter a tyrannical government, or to recover from one that has become tyrannical, we were given the Bill of Rights ( a package deal )…The Tools of A Social worker. The Constitution was not a perfect instrument. It was a product of the governing forces, in a time of Maritime Law, and the world economy at the time. It was paternal in nature and spelled out a hierarchy, a necessary element for the survival of any society and was structured in a way to hold people in potions of power and influence responsible.

“Freedom is obedience to self-formulated rules.” – Aristotle

“A House Divided Will Fall” – Abraham Lincoln

“Journalists die in the line of fire seeking the truth of a story. Poets die telling the story in cloaked verse for fear that someone may hear the truth.”

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of The Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.”

– Battle Hymn of The Republic 1861 – Julia Ward Home

An Artist

A Laborer is one who works with his hands.

A craftsman is one who works with his hands and his head.

An artist is one who works with his hands his head and his heart.

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